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Perry World House is a center for teaching, research, public outreach, and engagement on the world’s biggest policy issues – from climate change and migration, to cybersecurity and great power competition. 

Through events, student programming, and publications, we connect the university with leading policy experts from around the world, bringing Penn’s academic knowledge to bear on global challenges and preparing Penn students to be well-informed global citizens. 

Every year, we bring experts to campus as visiting fellows to share their insights on the world’s major issues with Penn students, faculty, and the local community. Our new roster of visitors will be announced soon, but previous visitors include Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, former National Security Advisor; Chuck Hagel, former Secretary of Defense; Trudy Rubin, the Philadelphia Inquirer’s global affairs columnist; and Naoko Yamazaki, an astronaut and space policy expert who took part in a mission to the International Space Station.  

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Throughout each semester, we offer a range of virtual events looking at global policy issues, including pandemics and border conflict. We also run dedicated programs for both undergraduate and graduate students interested in exploring these issues in-depth during their time at Penn.

Learn more about our undergraduate program, the World House Student Fellows Program:

Learn more about our graduate program, the Graduate Associates Prog ram: 

Signature Events

Every week, we run a virtual edition of The World Today - an open seminar on one of today’s most pressing global issues. This weekly one-hour event is dedicated to a timely and intimate conversation on a global policy issue that changes each week. It is open to the entire Penn community, regardless of academic focus, and aims to be accessible and interesting to students who might not have the time to take classes on these topics but still want to deepen their understanding of the world. Members of the wider community are always welcome as well, and often join us for these conversations.