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The Weingarten Center, as part of University Life, serves students in several ways through Learning Resources, Tutoring Services, and Student Disabilities Services. Learning Resources offers opportunities for students to build and strengthen their study skills and strategies for coursework through individual consultations, group workshops, and asynchronous resources. Tutoring Services provides more content-specific support for many courses through a variety of formats. Tutors are fellow Penn students who have taken the course and received training on how to help others learn. Tutoring usually happens in small groups with the tutors. Student Disabilities Services (SDS) provides the necessary support for students who have disabilities to gain access to programs and facilities. Although these three areas comprise the Weingarten Center, the theme of accompanying students along their academic journey underscores its unified mission.  

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Weingarten Center
Administrative Staff - Weingarten Learning Resources Center


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Services Offered

* Individual consultations with Learning Specialists to work on study strategies
* Determination of accommodations for students with disabilities to ensure equity and access to programs, services and facilities
* Contract and drop-in tutoring options for students in introductory courses